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When searching for locations for New York Engagement Photos, most everything you’ll find is talking about NYC, but as anyone who lives upstate can tell you, there’s so much more to New York than just the city. Upstate New York is a beautiful and diverse region that offers a wide range of engagement photo locations. From the rolling hills of the Finger Lakes region to the beautiful (and numerous) state parks, there are countless locations for stunning engagement photos. I’ve photographed couples all around the state, so I wanted to put together this map and list for you. The places I’ve already photographed are the purple pins on the map. I’m also going to highlight some other locations that I haven't photographed yet but would love to in the future (the teal pins on the map). I'll also be updating this list continually with new locations. Whether you're looking for a rustic barn or a picturesque waterfall, there's something for everyone in Upstate New York.

Note: Some of the suggested locations are places of business. In these cases, you should always call and ask for permission before scheduling any engagement sessions on the property.



Here are 29 New York Engagement Photo Locations (in no particular order):

1. Chenango Valley State Park

collage of three images of a couple posing in various locations (on a pathway, on a bridge, and on the dock) around Chenango Valley State Park

Chenango Valley State Park is a beautiful state park located in Broome County, New York. I love this park because there are so many different areas to explore. You can talk a walk through the forest, or go down to the lake for photos by the water. During the warmer months, you could even take a boat out on the water or rent a campsite for some cute camping engagement photos. The park is open year-round from sunrise to sunset.

2. Cutler Botanic Garden

Three images of couples posing for engagement photos in The Cutler Botanic Garden in Binghamton, NY

The Cutler Botanic Garden in Binghamton, NY is a beautiful and tranquil oasis in the heart of the city. The garden features a wide variety of plants and flowers, including annuals, perennials, and shrubs. The garden's winding paths and beautiful gazebo make for perfect engagement photo backdrops. These gardens are pretty small, but there are a lot of distinctly different areas so your photos will have a lot of variety without a lot of walking.


3. Binghamton University

Three photos of a couple posing for engagement photos on the Binghamton University Campus in Vestal, NY

This one is maybe a little less traditional, but if one or both of you are Binghamton University grads (like these two were) this could be a really cute and sentimental spot for your engagement photos. We went during the fall and the campus was absolutely awash with bright fall colors.


4. Keith Clark Park

Three different images of a couple having engagement photos taken in Keith Clark Park in Sidney, NY

Keith Clark Park is a small park in Sidney, NY that is lush and green during the summer. I love the wooden covered bridge and winding pathways. My husband and I also love to skate here during the warmer months (how cute would some roller skating engagement photos be?!).


5. Hartwick College

Three different engagement photos of a couple posing in various locations on the Hartwick College campus in Oneonta NY

Like Binghamton University, Hartwick College is another beautiful spot for engagement photos, especially if one or both of you graduated from the college.


6. Christmas Tree Farms

Couple posing for engagement photos at Sipple's Christmas Tree Farm in Bainbridge NY

Christmas tree farms make a great location for engagement photos because they provide a picturesque and unique setting. The lush evergreen trees, rolling hills, and rustic charm create a natural and romantic atmosphere that is perfect for capturing the love and excitement of an engagement. Additionally, Christmas tree farms often have a variety of different types of trees, which can provide a variety of backdrops for photos all year round. In the winter a lot of the farms are often decorated with festive lights and ornaments, which can add a magical and whimsical touch to the photos. Christmas Tree Farm Engagement Photos are also a unique opportunity to capture your love and memories in the midst of the holiday season.


7. Far View Farm Venue

Three images of a couple posing for engagement photos at Far View Farm in Unadilla, NY

Far View Farm is a wedding venue and working farm, so along with the beautiful barn, pond, and views of the surrounding countryside, you'll also find a very cute herd of cows. I mention Far View Farm, but any local farm would offer a variety of backdrops such as fields of crops, rustic barns, ponds, and charming farmhouses, which can add depth and interest to the photos. Additionally, many farms have animals such as horses, cows, or chickens which can also be included in the photos for a unique and personal touch.


8. Downtown Owego and Riverwalk

Couple holding hands and smiling in various locations in downtown Owego, NY

Downtown Owego and the Owego Riverwalk are both great locations for engagement photos. The historic downtown area offers a variety of charming settings including brick buildings, quaint shops, and beautiful architecture. The Riverwalk, which runs along the Susquehanna River, provides a scenic backdrop with views of the water and the surrounding natural beauty. This location offers a mix of urban and natural settings and the combination of the two locations offers a great opportunity to have a diverse set of engagement photos.


9. Glimmerglass State Park

Couple posing for engagement photos in the woods and on the beach at Glimmerglass State Park in Cooperstown NY

The park is located in Cooperstown, NY on the shores of Otsego Lake, also known as Glimmerglass Lake, and is a stunning backdrop for romantic photos. The park offers a variety of settings including wooded areas, rolling hills, and open meadows. There are also several hiking trails that lead to secluded spots and offer a chance to capture intimate moments. The park also offers a beach area that can be a great spot for photos with a view of the lake and the natural surroundings. The park's seclusion also makes it a great location if you want to avoid crowded areas for your photo shoot.


10. Hyde Hall

Couple poses for engagement photos in front of and on the porch of Hyde Hall in Cooperstown NY

Hyde Hall in Cooperstown, New York is a historic mansion and a beautiful location for engagement photos. The mansion is located on a hilltop within Glimmerglass State Park overlooking Otsego Lake and the surrounding countryside. Visiting Hyde Hall during your engagement session at Glimmerglass State Park is a great way to capture some more formal photos in a gorgeous, natural setting.


11. Brookwood Point


Couple poses for engagement photos at Brookwood Point in Cooperstown NY

Brookwood Point is located in Cooperstown, NY on the shore of Otsego lake. The historic gardens, stone walls, picturesque lake with stunning hillside views, and charming Arts-and-Crafts style garden house at Brookwood make it a perfect backdrop for romantic garden engagement photos. I'm not sure how this location is in other seasons, but in the summer (these photos were taken at the end of June) it looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Note: If you're thinking of using this location for your engagement session, you'll want to reach out to the Otsego Land Trust first to make sure that there isn't an event going on that day. 


12. Lake Front Park


Couple kisses and laughs during engagement photos at Lake Front Park in Cooperstown NY

Lake Front Park in Cooperstown, NY is a great place to end your session if we started at Brookwood Point or somewhere else nearby. It gives you some different views, and the little boardwalk garden area is really pretty. If we're lucky we might even get a few sunset photos on the dock.


13. Finger Lakes Vineyard / Winery

Couple kisses and drinks wine at a vineyard in the finger lakes region for their engagement photos

The vineyards and wineries in the Finger Lakes offer a variety of settings including rows of grapevines, picturesque tasting rooms, and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Many wineries also offer outdoor spaces such as terraces, patios, and gardens that can be used for photos. The wineries are also a great location for if you are wine lovers and want to incorporate that into your engagement photos (and it gives your photographers the chance to capture the two of you enjoying a glass of wine together).


14. Buttermilk Falls State Park

Couple holds hands and poses for engagement photos at Buttermilk Falls State Park in Ithaca NY

Buttermilk Falls State Park is a picturesque state park located in Ithaca, New York. The park is known for its beautiful waterfalls, which are the main attraction and provides a stunning backdrop for engagement photos. The most open area of the park is right at the entrance, and while you can definitely venture up the trails, the stairs are steep and can be a little cramped, especially if the park is busy. If you do plan on taking photos here, I personally prefer to stay around the entrance and arrive early before the crowds.


15. Taughannock Falls State Park

Couple poses for engagement photos while standing in front of Taughannock Falls in Trumansburg, NY

Taughannock Falls State Park is a beautiful park in Trumansburg, NY. The park is named after the Taughannock Falls, a 215-foot-tall waterfall that is one of the highest single-drop waterfalls east of the Rocky Mountains. The path to these falls is mostly flat and more open than a lot of the other falls in the Ithaca area. There are also some beautiful spots for photos across the road next to Cayuga Lake, so that you can capture both the lake and the falls in your Taughannock Falls State Park engagement photos.


16. Ithaca Falls

Couple kisses and stands in front of Ithaca Falls in Ithaca, NY

Ithaca Falls is a waterfall located in Ithaca, New York. It is located in the city's Ithaca Falls Natural Area and is easily accessible from downtown Ithaca. It makes a beautiful spot for engagement photos, but the Natural Area isn't very big, so you may want to make this one of two stops during your engagement session, and stop by another location as well (for example the Cornell Botanic Gardens).


17. Cascadilla Gorge Trail

Couple walks the trails and poses for engagement photos at the Cascadilla Gorge Trail in Ithaca NY

The Cascadilla Gorge Trail is a scenic hiking trail located in Ithaca, New York. The trail follows Cascadilla Creek as it winds its way through a deep gorge and is approximately 2 miles long. It is considered to be moderate in difficulty. This is a beautiful spot, but there are plenty of steep stairs, so be prepared for a bit of a workout. I've also heard it can be slippery, so you'll want to be careful if there's been any rain.


18. Robert H. Treman State Park

Couple stands on a stone bridge and trail in Robert H Treman State Park in Ithaca NY

Robert H. Treman State Park is another state park located in Tompkins County, New York. The park features beautiful natural scenery, including deep gorges, cascading waterfalls, and dense forests. An engagement session here could include hiking, fishing, and picnicking, as well as swimming in the park's swimming hole. There are also campgrounds and cabins available for overnight stays. The park is named after Robert H. Treman, who helped to develop the area in the early 20th century. The park is open year-round, and I think even winter engagement photos here would be beautiful.


19. Cornell University

Couple holds hands and poses for engagement photos on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca NY

Like the universities mentioned above, Cornell University is another great spot for engagement photos. The architecture is stunning, so unlike the other two colleges, I would say it doesn't even matter if you're an alumnus, the architecture alone is reason enough to have your engagement photos taken at Cornell.


20. Cornell Botanic Gardens

Couple poses for engagement photos at the Cornell Botanic Gardens in Ithaca NY

The Cornell Botanic Gardens are located near the Cornell Campus in Ithaca, NY. There are so many beautiful spots for engagement photos here, including the parking lot (I'm being totally serious, it's beautiful). There's a beautiful old house, climbing vines, pathways, benches, colorful flowers, and so much more. You really couldn't ask for a better spot for romantic garden engagement photos.



21. Ithaca City Cemetery

Couple poses at twilight with lit candles for engagement photos in Ithaca City Cemetery in Ithaca NY

I totally understand that halloween engagement photos aren't for everyone, but if you love spooky season, Ithaca City Cemetery makes a great backdrop for moody, fall engagement photos.


22. Emerson Park

Couple poses for engagement photos at Emerson Park in Auburn NY

Emerson Park in Auburn NY, is a beautiful spot for engagement photos. So beautiful, in fact, that there's a wedding venue right on the edge of the park. You don't need to be getting married to enjoy the beautiful scenery though. I love the long pier out onto the water and all the beautiful greenery.


23. Letchworth State Park

Three photos of couples posing for engagement photos at Letchworth State Park in Castile NY

Letchworth State Park is a fantastic spot for engagement photos because it t looks absolutely stunning no matter what time of year you visit. I've been here in the winter and it was a literal winter wonderland and in the fall it was just as gorgeous. Letchworth State Park, also known as the "Grand Canyon of the East," is a 14,427-acre state park located in western New York. The park is known for its spectacular scenery, including the Genesee River, which runs through a deep gorge and over several waterfalls.

24. Minnewaska State Park

Couple poses for foggy fall engagement photos at Minnewaska State Park in Kerhonkson, NY

Minnewaska State Park was a gorgeous location for these moody fall engagement photos. The park is a 22,275-acre state park located in the Shawangunk Mountains of New York. The park is known for its rugged terrain and stunning views, including the famous Minnewaska cliff-face. I will admit that it was so foggy when I was there that I feel like I've only seen half the park, but the half that I've seen was amazing.


25. Downtown Albany

Couple poses for engagement photos on courthouse stairs, by the river, and on a bridge in downtown Albany NY

I mention downtown Albany as the location for these engagement photos, but you could use the downtown area of any city. What was really special about these engagement photos was that we took them around the neighborhood where their first apartment together was. Sentimental reasons or not, cities make for a wide variety of different backdrops for engagement photos.



Other Engagement Session Locations

I haven't photographed engagement sessions at the following locations yet, but I think they would make for great photos. These locations are marked on the map with teal pins. I also want to note again that if you're looking to do an engagement session at a place of business it's very important that you contact them first to get permission and schedule a date and time.


Fenimore Art Museum

The Fenimore Art Museum is located in Cooperstown, New York and is home to a wide range of American art and artifacts. From the beautiful terraces, English gardens and gazebos, to the lakeside lawn, the Fenimore Art Museum grounds would be a beautiful location for outdoor engagement photos.


The Honeybee Embassy

The Honeybee Embassy in Trumansburg, NY is an adorable farm store with very unique architecture. The Honeybee Embassy sells honey, soaps, lip balms, and crafts from local artists. This one would be the perfect engagement session location for beekeepers! 


Crazy Daisies Flowers & Garden Cafe

Crazy Daisies in Syracuse, NY would be the perfect engagement session location for nature-loving foodies. There's a beautiful greenhouse (which makes for lovely soft and even light for photos) and you could end your engagement session while sipping some colorful and delicious mixed drinks at the Garden Cafe.


Barnyard Swing

Barnyard Swing is a mini-golf course in Cooperstown NY, and would make the cutest engagement session location. I love the idea of maybe starting your engagement session at a different location in Cooperstown and then ending with a round of mini-golf. They also sell beer and cider so you can have a drink while you golf and they make fantastic ice cream sundaes.


Tioga Gardens

Tioga Gardens in Owego, NY has a garden center and a beautiful little greenhouse that would be the perfect engagement session location for nature lovers. They do charge a fee for engagement sessions, so you'll want to call ahead to check what that fee is and to schedule your session.


Overall, Upstate New York is a beautiful and diverse region that offers a wide range of engagement photo locations. Whether you're looking for outdoor landscapes, indoor spaces, or a mix of both, there are plenty of options to choose from. With so many great places to take engagement photos, you're sure to find the perfect spot to capture your special moment.

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